Qatari artist is star at Istanbul exhibition


gulf| The International Festival of Visual Art, organised by Big Group under the title the other face of regular chaos, kicked off on Sunday night in Istanbul with the participation of 80 artists from Arab and foreign countries.

Qatari artist Dania Tarek participated in the three-day exhibition and was given the title of the star of the festival.

The exhibition displayed paintings, including subjects like war, alienation, the unknown, future, as well as the expression of ancient civilisations.

The exhibition also included a collection of handicrafts and artistic works, the most prominent of which was the display of the craft of Makkah, which used types of ropes to knit necklaces and clothes, in addition to many wood sculpture works, stone and bone.

The festival included a fashion show of Iraqi heritage clothing, a theatrical show of melodrama, artistic symposiums and a concert will be held tomorrow for a number of Arab singers, a poetry evening and a paragraph to sign two books.

Tarek expressed her happiness with the title of the star of the festival and explained that the state’s devotion to art enabled her to become a successful artist.

Tarek was born with a hearing disability, but that did not stop her from reflecting her needs and emotions through feather and colours.