Qatar participates in ISI World Statistics Congress

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gulf| Qatar is participating in the 62nd ISI World Statistics Congress, which started on Sunday in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

Qatar’s delegation to Congress is headed by HE the Chairman of the Planning and Statistics Authority, Dr Saleh Mohamed Salem al-Nabit.

The biennial World Statistics Congresses of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), is a global gathering of heads of statistical agencies and institutes, senior statisticians and professionals, experts from official bodies and academia, to share knowledge and establishing a platform for the exchange of information and methodologies, understanding of development and modernisation in the statistical process to be applied in areas of research and decision-making, and create interaction networks for future engagement and co-operation.

The Congress also provides an opportunity for institutions and individuals to participate in research papers and to provide an opportunity to participate and contribute to the development of statistics and initiatives that benefit countries and communities.

This year’s congress agenda features some 1,300 research papers, presented over a period of six days, at general public, special and parallel sessions attended by some 2,500 participants from 130 countries.

Qatar is set to chair a special technical session entitled “Strengthening South-South Co-operation in the Modernisation of Official Statistics Towards Supporting and Production of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Indicators”, with participation of experts from Malaysia, Morocco, Palestine, Turkey, Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Center for Islamic Countries, Gulf Statistics Centre, and New Zealand.

On the sidelines of the Congress, the delegation of Qatar will discuss with a number of heads and representatives of national, regional and international statistical offices, senior experts and consultants the latest developments in statistical methodologies and ways to update them, share expertise, and learn from successful lessons.

Meetings with representatives of statistical agencies in Arab and Islamic countries will also discuss the regional workshop on the modernisation of statistical systems, which will be held in Doha in November.